Based on the demands, needs and customized choices of our clients, our Chennai escorts offer a wide range of services under the banner of Chennai Petals.  Our services have been designed to meet the diverse demands of the heterosexual society. Moreover, our Chennai babes are flexible and capable enough to meet any complex sensual, sexual and libidinal desires.  There are some voluptuous women dedicated to facing any sexual encounter coming from the modern men of supreme sexuality and promising promiscuity.

Let us Distinguish Our Chennai Escort Services in Different Categories      

Friendship Services

Under this category they offer life-changing experiences to the rejected lovers leading a dejected life of loneliness. Due their separation from their beloveds, they pass each day mournfully, thinking much about their bitter experiences and woeful stories of love and languishment. To help them get rid of these conditions and shun their boredom, depression and loneliness, our Chennai escorts make them their friends and spend time with them to understand their problems. Based on their problems, mental and physical needs, they take personalized care and offer specialized services.

Companionship Services

Companionship services have been designed for the sexually frustrated men and unsatisfied husbands. Our Chennai call girls welcome unsatisfied husbands leading an unhappy sex life with their wives and encourage them to indulge in an extramarital affair. They do these to save men from taking any negative decision like divorce, suicide, homicide, etc.

Courtship Services

Courtship services are intended to the working professionals, high-profile business tycoons and reputable industrialists spending their business vacations in Chennai and feeling homesick and lonely due to the absence of their wives and familiar atmosphere. To bring a motion to their lives and make them happy, our call girls offer courtship services. They meet you at your Chennai hotel rooms to offer you spicy and colorful moments and reward you a sleepless night and rocking bed.

Adult Activities

The charm of adult activities offered by Chennai independent escorts adds some memorable experiences in your love life. Under it, we encourage you for a solitary time spending with a beautiful call girl in a private chamber. She will apply her magical skill and mastery on foreplay, innovative seduction, creative lovemaking, and erotic pampering.  This is intended to the young handsome interested in spending quality time in some spicy, colorful and fleshly way.

Erotic Services

This is designed for the modern men of supreme sexuality and promising promiscuity who cannot distinguish between and love. Our voluptuous Chennai escorts offer erotic services in different sex positions for gratifying their complex sexual hunger and satisfying their distorted libidinal desires and dark fantasies.